Slip & Falls Attorney in Des Moines, Iowa

Don't let your fall cost your life and future. A slip or a fall on someone else's property can result in fatal injuries that could cripple you or cause lifelong pain and suffering. You don't need to suffer and let go of such incidents when it isn't your fault.

You'll need to stand up and fight for your rights and ensure that the property owner pays for his / her negligence and improper property maintenance. Know that the legal professionals of Rieper Law, P.C. are experts in their respective fields. We'll ensure that you get the compensation you truly deserve. 

An Experienced and Aggressive Lawyer

Did you have a bad fall due to a broken staircase at the restaurant? We're ready to assist you with top-notch legal representation. Our legal professionals will closely work with you throughout your entire case.

The property owners are entitled and obligated to properly maintain their premises. Through aggressive and effective representation, our experienced legal team will ensure that your case gets a measurable and positive outcome.

Slip and fall